Pilates with Noha

Thoracic Spine Mobility.

The thoracic spine is located below along your mid back and consists of 12 vertebrae. It’s attached to your rib cage. Mobilize your Thoracic spine to support movements for everything above and below it. It’s simply the link between your upper and lower body. 

The thoracic spine loves to extend and rotation. It also helps you take your arms overhead, reach out to an object behind you or help you take off your sweater coat. 

Tight thoracic compromise the movement of your shoulder and your hips & result in a rolled forward shoulder posture, poor alignment, and unbalanced load transfer through the whole body.

The focus during our Thoracic training is:

  • Think of a string hanging your head up as you twist your grow taller and resist any tendency to shift weight sideways.
  • Move from the waistline and articulate up the segment by segment finishing with the neck and head. 
  • Anchor your feet forward and square your hip to isolate movement through the Thoracic spine.

Exercises tips.

Always start your workout with spinal mobility in all directions

  • Use a foam roller in an incline position and extend your thoracic from neutral to extension
  • Progress to side bend – lateral flexion
  • Progress to spinal rotation 
  • Finish with flexion if you are arthritis and osteoarthritis free.

As a progression, you can repeat above in 4-point kneeling – Moving from neutral to extension- lateral flexion and rotation while the lower extremities stay stable.

Introduction to Mat Pilates

Introduction to Mat Pilates

Dates: Nov 2sd – Dec 21

Location: Alton Village, Burlington, ON

Once a week – every Wednesday @ 8 pm
Rate:  intro offer for one time only.
$140 + HST
Class Size: Small group of 4 for personalized experience.
Pre-requisite: No experience required.
Reservation: Fill up our contact forms to book your spot.
Description: Over the course of 8 classes, you will learn the basic principles of Pilates. Re-wire your brain to place your shoulder, neck and hips in the right place focusing on your core stability while your are moving your limbs.
The course will guide you through the essential exercises with a personal attention to details to ensure your movements are safe and effective.
Once  your are done, you will be able to pop up to level I  starting your Pilates journey.
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