Introduction to Mat Pilates

October 11th, 2022 by

Introduction to Mat Pilates

Dates: Nov 2sd – Dec 21

Location: Alton Village, Burlington, ON

Once a week – every Wednesday @ 8 pm
Rate:  intro offer for one time only.
$140 + HST
Class Size: Small group of 4 for personalized experience.
Pre-requisite: No experience required.
Reservation: Fill up our contact forms to book your spot.
Description: Over the course of 8 classes, you will learn the basic principles of Pilates. Re-wire your brain to place your shoulder, neck and hips in the right place focusing on your core stability while your are moving your limbs.
The course will guide you through the essential exercises with a personal attention to details to ensure your movements are safe and effective.
Once  your are done, you will be able to pop up to level I  starting your Pilates journey.